Alyssa Reed is the administrative assistant for Mandell & Associates. In her role, Alyssa is able to help in maintaining smooth office operations.

A former native of Illinois, Alyssa made her move to Texas in late 2012 to assist in a non-profit startup. She has since found herself in several supporting roles with many opportunities to grow in her administrative skills. She is passionate about involvement in non-profits that present opportunities to engage in her community and has partaken in multiple in her adult life. She maintains a leadership role in a new non-profit startup in the city alongside her position here at M&A. Alyssa enjoys managing her full plate while learning from her leadership and the various styles of work before her.

Although Alyssa has only resided in Austin for a short length of time, she has never felt more at home. From the warm weather to the endless outdoor activities, this city has presented her countless ways to partake in her favorite things. In her free time, you may find her at the Green Belt, Townlake, or hanging out downtown with her friends.

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