Lyda Creus Molanphy

Lyda Creus Molanphy

A veteran of Texas politics, Lyda brings her clients more than 20 years of public affairs experience in the public, private and non-profit sector. She has a deep network of contacts and is the recipient of numerous awards for her creativity, exceptional work ethic and overall professionalism.

Prior to forming Connections Consulting, Lyda served as a high-level executive at the Texas Dental Association where she oversaw successful strategic planning and corporate rebranding initiatives. Most recently at TDA, Lyda directed an award-winning legislative advocacy and public education campaign on oral health care that resulted in several new legislative initiatives.

Before joining TDA, Lyda was the vice-president of one of the state’s most respected public affairs firms representing Fortune 500 companies, law firms, banks, political campaigns and professional associations.

A graduate of Duke University, Lyda has served as president of the Duke Alumni Club of Austin since 1995 and has been a featured speaker for Duke Gen networking events. During this time, membership has grown to over 300 active alumni that conduct interviews for applicants, organize community events and coordinate fundraising for a central Texas scholarship that is currently funding four recipients.

Lyda is on the Board of the Capital Area Dental Foundation where, as an active member of the Communications Committee, she has overseen the development of a strategic communications plan for the organization. Lyda is also a volunteer for the Texas Book Festival, the Texas Conference for Women and the City of Blanco where she is providing counsel to help the growing Hill Country community in its marketing and communications efforts.

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