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Missy Mandell, owner of Mandell & Associates, has been working to build strong connections between the public and private sector for more than 30 years. During that time, Mandell has worked on some of the most challenging issues on the public agenda from inflation in the 1970s to natural resource management today.

Mandell is best known for her understanding of her clients and their constituents and her inclusive, fair-minded approach to solving problems. Nationally, and in Texas, her reputation is strong for helping organizations succeed, often in the face of extraordinary public scrutiny.

Missy Mandell is a seasoned policy and business consultant and political strategist with more than 40 years in governmental relations, public policy development, alliance building, community networking, and issues management in both the public and private sectors. In 2008 she founded Mandell and Associates, a strategic consulting firm based in Austin, Texas. Mandell currently works with electric and water utilities, and with clients in energy and environmental industries to create successful business development strategies that range from policy development to legislative advocacy to communications and public outreach campaigns.

Mandell also serves as Executive Director of the Large Public Power Council (LPPC), whose members include 25 of the nation’s largest public power utilities. LPPC’s member utilities provide reliable, low-cost electricity to nearly 45 million people, including homes and businesses in some of the fastest-growing urban and rural markets in America. Mandell directs the organization’s involvement in priority issues and challenges facing public power, and represents LPPC members in federal policy debates and decisions that directly impact their ability to effectively and efficiently serve their wholesale and retail customers. In addition, Mandell serves on the Board of Directors of Power Across Texas, a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation dedicated to advancing the understanding of energy issues.

A native of Austin, Texas, she began her career in 1975 in Washington, DC, working for a government relations firm. There she heard about a peanut farmer from Georgia who was facing an uphill battle for the 1976 presidential election. Former President Jimmy Carter’s honesty in government gained many supporters, including Mandell, who was hired by his presidential campaign at age 25 to run his DC and mid-Atlantic regional offices.

When Carter was elected President, Missy joined his White House staff as Special Assistant to the Deputy Director for Budget in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), a position that called for her to bring together diverse governmental entities, some of whom had conflicting agendas.  She quickly learned about the importance of building consensus, as Deputy Advisor to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs she worked with business, labor and government about the need to join forces to tackle one of the toughest issues facing the Carter administration: inflation.

In the 1980s Mandell chose to become an entrepreneur. She owned and managed a cable and satellite television company in Central Texas, Bluebonnet Cable, and owned a public relations company with clients in both public and private industries. In 1986, she signed on as campaign manager for U.S. Representative J.J. “Jake” Pickle in Austin and continued to work on many local, state and federal campaigns. In 1989, she joined the staff of the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA), which provides energy, water and community services in 58 counties in Central Texas.

Mandell was a member of the Lower Colorado River Authority’s (LCRA) senior management team for over 20 years. As Executive Manager of Federal Governmental Relations, Mandell served as the liaison between LCRA and the U.S. Congress, federal regulatory agencies, elected officials, industry organizations and interest groups. She represented LCRA nationally to secure federal dollars for important water supply projects. She also worked on legislation involving fuel and energy issues, air quality, water quality, rail transportation, and regulatory and telecommunications issues. In the early 1990s, during a time of deregulation of the utilities industry, Missy opened the floodgates of communication between LCRA and its 54 wholesale electric customers (cities and co-ops), establishing the organization’s first community and customer relations department.

Mandell’s expertise includes business and policy development, strategic alliances and partnerships, intergovernmental relations, networking and community involvement, organizational and budget management, trade association representation, public speaking and presentations. Whether they’re public or private, organizations need the support of their constituents and customers to be successful,” Missy says. “By building consensus, businesses as well as governments can save time and money, avoid controversy, and develop better products and services to earn the support of those who are critical to their success.”

Mandell graduated from The University of Texas at Austin. She has been involved in many community activities in Central Texas, including the American Heart Association and the Center for Child Protection. Mandell and her husband have three children.


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