Responsive. Thought Leader. Super-Connector.

“The team at Mandell & Associates are key advisors and collaborators whose expertise supports the mission of the Mitchell Foundation. They are responsive and understand intuitively the needs of their clients. Their thought leadership helps drive success in directions we don’t always foresee. Most importantly, as super-connectors they are able to get the right people in the room at the right time to help define issues, strategies and outcomes in energy and water that help transform the debate.”

Vice President of Sustainability Program, Cynthia and George Mitchell Foundation (Austin TX)

Professional. Unstoppable. Great Partners.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Missy, Lyda and Samantha for a number of years.  Together they are a professional, responsive and unstoppable team that always gets the job done. They anticipate the needs of their clients and always go above-and-beyond to ensure their client’s success. They have truly been great partners!”

President of Large Public Power Council and former CEO of Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD)

Resourceful. Innovative. Team.

“Missy, Lyda and Samantha are exceptionally resourceful, innovative and pragmatic for their clients.  I have come to enjoy working with the entire team.”

President of Klein Energy LLC, Chairman of Power Across Texas, Director of Texas Energy Poverty Research Institute

Unique Skills. Can-Do Approach.

“The M&A team makes things happen. Missy, Samantha and Lyda work seamlessly together to bring their many unique skills to bear on behalf of their clients.  I have worked with the M&A team on a number of different projects and issues over the years and most heartily recommend their strategic vision, business savvy and can-do approach.”

Director of Energy Pricing & Policy, Commercial Metals Company

Field Vision. Interpersonal Management Savvy. Balance.

“Missy has a rare mix of field vision, detailed knowledge and interpersonal management savvy. I spent five years watching her handle the challenges of keeping a team of CEO’s and COO’s from companies around the country focused on the major issues affecting their industry as she served the role of Executive Director of the Large Public Power Council. She managed both the personalities and the issues with a delicate balance that let us think we were in charge. Missy understood the needs of the member companies, the implications for different legislative initiatives for the companies and the industry at large, and how to help the parties iron out differences to develop a common platform. The strength and effectiveness of the LPPC is due in large part to the skills that Missy brings to every engagement”

President at Strategic Energy Advisory Services, LLC and the former COO at Long Island Power Authority

Navigator. Helpful.

“No matter the issue, Missy was always able to navigate the complex web of laws, rules and regulations to help LCRA provide services to its clients.”

Representative of the 11th District of Texas.

Right on Target. Understands Private Enterprise. Tremendous Passion.

“I watched and worked with Missy over a six-year period, and I always found her to be right on target in anticipating actions, or reactions, by the federal government. She also knows and understands private enterprise, and most importantly, she knows how the private and public sectors can work together. Missy knows her business, and she has a tremendous passion for what she does. There is no doubt she can provide results for her clients. The bottom line: She knows of what she speaks.”

Publisher at the Brenham Banner-Press

Solves Problems. Builds Consensus. Finds Solutions.

“Missy solves problems and is a consensus builder. Time and time again I have watched her bring together people with conflicting priorities. She has the ability to understand everyone’s concerns, analyze the facts, and find solutions.”

Former General Manager of the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA)

Highly Regarded. Diligent. Superb.

“Missy Mandell is highly regarded throughout the country in her industry because she is not only smart, hard working and diligent but also because she is superb at working with people. That’s exactly the combination you need if you are dealing with highly charged, complicated issues involving diverse groups of people. I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

The United States Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (USOECD)

Intelligent. Understanding.

“I have always been impressed with Missy’s intelligence and insight. She can cut to the core of an issue while understanding the human dynamics at work in various situations. That is a hard combination to find — and a very valuable one.”

Professor of Environmental Law at Rice University (School of Engineering)

Professional. Knowledgeable. Savvy.

“Missy Mandell is professional, knowledgeable, savvy, and a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her as a strategic partner for your endeavors.”

Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering, Associate Director at the Center for International Energy and Environmental Policy, Co-director at Clean Energy Incubator

Dependable. No Nonsense.

“We could always depend on Missy to get the job done in a professional, no nonsense manner. We would not hesitate to call Missy should we need help in Washington with any substantive issue.”

Former Vice Chair of the Large Public Power Council (LPPC)

Admirable. Possesses a Unique Set of Skills.

“I have known Missy for over 25 years and have the highest respect and admiration for her many talents. I was once a partner with her in a very successful business venture she operated. I have also seen her working with people in the public and private sectors to achieve consensus on difficult issues. She has a very unique set of skills.”

Partner at Armbrust and Brown

Effective Advocate. Relationship Builder.

“I endorse and recommend Missy and her consultancy for those who need help improving customer or constituent relations or those who need someone to effectively advocate a position with government officials. Having worked with Missy for almost two decades, Missy impressed me with her ability to build internal and external relationships. These relationships formed the foundation for Missy to effectively advocate often sensitive positions for our LCRA and build consensus across diverse stakeholder groups. She was effective internally with employees and externally with customers, constituents and officials (elected as well as staff) in state and federal positions. When I need the services that Mandell and Associates provide, I know I can count on Missy and her team to excel in the task given them.”

Owner of Piland and Associates Professional Consultants, consultant to the electric power industry

Insightful. Instinctive.

“Missy cuts through communications clutter like a laser. She has great insights and sound instincts. You want her on your side!”

Founder and President of Laura Raun Public Relations

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